Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest is inspiring, imperfect, intriguing

grizzly bear veckatimest

How can one begin talking about Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest? Highly anticipated, already critically revered, the album’s reputation almost speaks for itself. Coming off their first two acclaimed recordings, Horn of Plenty and Yellow House, expectations were high for Brooklyn’s own experimental/alt folk/indie darlings. So did Veckatimest deliver? Well, lets see.

True to indie album form, Grizzly Bear doesn’t blow their load on track one. They reserve that opening for the anxious, moody “Southern Point,” a song that goes from folky to experimental and back to folky again. If anything it sets the mood for the album, which certainly takes you on a trip.

But it’s on track two, when the band rips into “Two Weeks,” that you realize the album is special. With the beautiful staccato keys laid over the harmonious backing vocals and slow, tough drums, the song is a wonderful masterpiece that will stand the test of time (even if the video is a huge creepfest). I already know I’ll play it for my jaded, angsty grandkids (the little bastards…).

But while “Two Weeks” is a wonderful masterpiece, much of the rest of the album remains disjointed and a little confusing. This is where Grizzly Bear enters their experimental territory and might lose some listeners. Hopefully not too many though. They combine jangling guitars, soft vocals, erratic drumming and beautiful synth to make an incredible world all their own. It’s a world I love to explore and immerse myself in countless times over.

All of Veckatimest lasts just under an hour, and doesn’t include many standout tracks (other than “Two Weeks,” but like, DUH). It’s a wonderful album just on its own. And while it might not stand apart on singles, it makes a statement through the world created by the band. It’s a sound both unique and familiar, warm and intriguing. It doesn’t hit a home run, which only leaves you begging for more.

Grizzly Bear – “Two Weeks” [MP3]

Grizzly Bear – “While You Wait For The Others” [MP3]

Grizzly Bear – “Hold Still” [MP3]

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