Arrica Rose drops new EP, Pretend I’m Fur


Following up her highly successful previous album (with the dot dot dots), La La Lost, Arrica Rose is back on the indie folk scene with Pretend I’m Fur, a seven-song EP, released May 11, on pOprOck records. After the stunning, lo-fi La La Lost, Rose seems to take her songwriting up a notch in attitude, as more upbeat (yet just as heartfelt) tunes shine through on Pretend I’m Fur.

Rose mixes in soulful melodies with an air of delightful wandering pop as she works for a shimmering sound to appeal to listeners’ wider folk sensibilities. It’s not simple downtrodden “folk” – wistfulness is certainly on display despite such connotative song titles as “Tragedy,” “I’ll Love You Forever and Other Lies,” and “Say Goodbye.” But as has been the theme lately here on KR, artists like Arrica Rose somehow manage to demonstrate hope (see “Pillow on the Ground”) through their mostly melancholic lyricism. Thanks to Pretend I’m Fur, Rose’s poignant and impassioned singing has reeled me in, as I’m sure several of you will feel the same way.

Arrica Rose – “Be Still My Heart” [MP3] (from Pretend I’m Fur)

Arrica Rose & The …’s  – “All My Metaphors” [MP3] (from La La Lost)

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4 comments to Arrica Rose drops new EP, Pretend I’m Fur

  • Lilly

    Great find Knox Road. Thanks for sharing. Just bought Pretend I’m Fur….love it.

  • sue

    I enjoyed her album La La Lost and am enjoying this one Petend Im Fur. Thanks for writing about her…a great future for this wonderful singer/songwriter.

  • Lee

    No problem Lilly and Sue! She is truly a special artist, and thanks for the kind words to us.

    – Lee

  • Joanne Scaglione

    Definitely her best album so far…I’m a big fan!