The Ventura Project drop debut single, ‘Heroes’


The Ventura Project, a duo half in England and half in New York, just came out with their debut single, “Heroes.” Having not known anything about The Ventura Project until receiving this bit of info about them, I was immediately intrigued after reading that the two members, Joey (female, England) and Matthew (New York), make songs by sending them back and forth over the internet. Neat-o idea. Joey does all the mixing and production herself, and is releasing the songs independently under her own record label.

As for the sound, The Ventura Project uses Joey’s cutesy vocals and some background synth and percussion to create fun tunes that probably could have worked several years ago, but still work today, at least in my book. They transcend time! So cool! Why does everything seem to come back to LOST these days?

The Ventura Project – “Heroes” [MP3]

The Ventura Project on MySpace

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