930 Club Hosts The Prodigy!

This Monday, May 18, the British Electropunk group that brought us such hits as “Breathe” and “Firestarter” is coming to the 930 club. We are talking about The Prodigy, and I am really excited to be attending this show. From what I have heard, all of the shows that The Prodigy have done in the past few months have resulted in an almost riot-esque dance party. This isn’t a surprise to me, seeing as how the previous albums that The Prodigy have released have a tribal trance-like aura. When you get a few hundred people in a room to listen to it, you can bet that there will be one hell of a group mind.

But none of that matters. Just make sure you get out to the 930 club this Monday to see The Prodigy bring the house down.

And check out this video of “The Warriors Dance” from the album Invaders Must Die.

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