Knox Road in top 100 monthly music blog rankings!


Thanks to all of you, Knox Road is on Wikio’s list of the most widely referenced music blogs for May, and my are we in some amazing company – many blogs that we ourselves frequent on a daily/weekly basis. (Also, check out our blogroll for more sites that inspire us.)

This is all very surreal – KR is still in its beginning stages, having launched about half a year ago. We have made some great strides and hopefully have improved in several areas of writing, reviewing, and reporting. And giving you a taste of the music we love.

All that said, we would love your feedback and suggestions on any and all areas of the blog itself, as we are working for the artists and our readers as best we can. Let us know in the comments what you think, or if you feel uncomfortable doing so on the blog itself, send us an email at We’re open to whatever! Please don’t hesitate to make any remark you feel appropriate. Again, we can’t thank you enough for your continued support of Knox Road, as well as the artists we feature. And to the artists: thank you for reaching out to us and providing some great music to post.

This post wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t stay true to our “music blog” form, so enjoy some tunes before you leave.

Anathallo – “All The First Pages” [MP3] (from Canopy Glow)

Nada Surf – “I Like What You Say” [MP3] (from Lucky)

Pela – “Anytown Graffiti” [MP3] (from Anytown Graffiti)

Lucy Schwartz – “I Don’t Know A Thing” [MP3] (from Winter in June)

The American Analog Set – “Continuous Hit Music” [MP3] (from Promise of Love)

6 comments to Knox Road in top 100 monthly music blog rankings!

  • Congrats, guys! You totally deserve it! :)

    Lee Reply:

    Thanks, Kayleigh. Artists like you make this site go!

  • That is really exciting for you guys. Congratulations on the news! We are really grateful to have been featured on your blog, and we wanted to let you know that we are happy for you.

    Hannah & Samuel
    The Woodlands

    Lee Reply:

    Thank you!
    We are grateful to have featured you. It makes it that much easier with such nice musicians, not to mention people, like you to gain a bit of steady ground.

  • Jeremy

    Congratulations you guys
    Reward for all your great work.
    Sending the love from Australia.
    PS. The Woodlands, I really like your music. So thanks to Knox Road too :)