The Woodlands: Even The Decemberists “dig” their music!

the woodlands

Portland husband and wife duo, The Woodlands, is adorable. That’s just fact. Any time love, acoustic guitars and indie music comes into play it’s going to be great (see: She & Him). Even better, they call the Pacific Northwest home! Anybody who’s been there can tell you it’s pretty much the cutest place ever (they sing about riding bikes!). 

The duo self-released their debut album, The Woodlands, and yes, it’s great. It’s not a sound that’s entirely unique, but the music is SO well crafted. Hannah Robertson’s voice is like, seriously, so good. You know what? No metaphors or descriptive language this time. It’s just great. Musically, The Woodlands is very basic and simple. Mostly acoustic guitars and what sounds like violin, xylophone and piano, they write easy folk songs that are pretty much just beautiful.

Even Chris Funk of The Decemberists likes the duo:

“I dig your music.”

Strong words. I too dig your music. Added to my Awesome Things From Portland list. 

You can get The Woodlands at CD Baby

The Woodlands – “Summerland” [MP3]

The Woodlands – “Can We Stay” [MP3]

The Woodlands on Myspace

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