Rare Alvin Band songs [mp3]

Thank the Alvin Band for bringing us the type of “Hyphy-Turntablism-Ghettotech” that we need in order to survive and thank The Wombat for letting me in on these rare tracks by the Alvin Band.

Alvin Band – “Glowing Tree” [MP3]

Alvin Band – “Mystery Alladin” [MP3]

2 comments to Rare Alvin Band songs [mp3]

  • Eric

    I can’t get Mystery Alladin to work but if I listen through hypem.com it does work. Is there a way I can get it through your site?

    Also, how did you get this track? This is the only old track I have seen that isn’t on Lady Portrait and I am looking for more. If you could let me know I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


    Lee Reply:

    Eric, we only leave songs up for a limited time to download and listen to. This song is from April, and it’s December now, so … no cigar. Sorry, but we do this in order to prevent people from using our site as an endless supply of mp3s. But HypeM’s got it as you say – so continue to stream it there!