The New Retro is a powerful band.

Over the weekend I went to go see a band called The New Retro perform at Club Heaven and Hell in Adams Morgan. I really didn’t go in with any expectations…I just wanted to see a really tight performance. Luckily for me, that is exactly what I got. For those of you that do not know, The New Retro is a band based in College Park. They play a VAST mix of different styles of music. This was quite evident at the show, as I found myself rocking out, swaying back and forth, jumping up and down, and doing other stereotypical ways to dance to different genres of music.

What I appreciate possibly the most about The New Retro is the rawness of their sound. They don’t use very many effects but maintain a hazy atmosphere somehow. I got lost in the soul. I’m not kidding.

As soon as The New Retro have a demo out, you will be able to hear at least some of it here. But as for now, check out for some clips and for some video.


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