The JeanMarie


A five-piece from Miami who have supported acts such as The Noisettes, Bloc Party and Tokyo Police Club, The JeanMarie bring us a plethora of different sounds throughout their recently released (…well, January) album, Annie Jump Cannon.

You know, I realized it’s kind of odd that I’m liking this album from Jordan Davidson (vocals/guitar), Curtis Nystrom (guitar), Jeffery James (bass/vocals), Jason Haft (drums), and Geneva Harrison (percussion). It displays some traits that I don’t typically like in music – the vocals are a mesh of modern rock and indie pop, and the guitars are reminiscent of some 90’s era music (is it too early to give the 90’s a theme? I think you’ll know what I mean when you listen.) Yet when it’s all put together, it comes out sounding unique and dangerous, with songs like “Down By Savannah” as absolute gems.

A perfect example of a song that interests me from them and features their multitude of different / talented sounds is “Bonepickers.” Check the catchy tune below.

The JeanMarie – “Bonepickers” [MP3]

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  • Reminded me of Sublime a little little little bit.

    Lee Reply:


    Wow, I was totally considering writing exactly that in the description, but decided against it last minute because I didn’t want to sway anyone’s thoughts. But now it’s here! Haha. Thanks for the comment.

    – Lee