In Case You Missed It: Week In Review


I really hope you didn’t put any faith into that creepy old guy from the internet. Because he harasses people now (lame). Sexually (GROSS). However, I do hope you love seeing naked wizards get what they deserve, because this was the week for you!! Oh, and Oklahoma is stupid. McCarthyism is SO 1950.

Sonic Youth releases new single “Sacred Trickster” and continues being old
Lee shamelessly plugs “MoCap, LLC” because he’s been working on it and is so proud. Is that so wrong??
Suckers literally get your body movin’ with “It Gets Your Body Movin'”

Lollapolooza announces lineup of all your favorite and least favorite acts
Great Northern’s Remind Me Where The Light Is well worth the Washingtons and/or Lincolns
Staples plays Greg Laswell, the world as we know it has changed


Lee: Sarah Tracey “brings the men to their knees”

Sufjan releases a new song about Sofia Coppola, because we’d love it even if it was about Steve Buscemi
Annie Lennox dresses like Mickey Mouse and does a fake news broadcast in her pajamas…
The best of the week!! (Yes, Naked Wizard included)

Lee loves life. Listen to some of his favorite songs, won’t you?

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