I hope you’re not reading this


I’m sure every person on the East Coast has twittered, changed their facebook status, and blogged about this crazy (in a good way) heat, but if you are reading this post, you shouldn’t be (and I shouldn’t be writing it, wtf?) Unless it’s to get some music for your iPod to be outside in the first shorts weather (at least NYC wise) of the year. WOOOOOOOOOOO. I love it. When the weather is better, life is better, simple as that. Enjoy these tunes, with the only theme being that I enjoy them very much. You may have heard most, but hopefully there’s a couple in there you haven’t – the mix is meant to appeal to many.

Frightened Rabbit – “Backwards Walk” [MP3] (from The Midnight Organ Fight)

Donovan Woods – “Wait and See” [MP3] (from The Hold Up)

Phoenix – “Lisztomania” [MP3] (from the upcoming Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix)

Matthew Perryman Jones – “Waiting On The Light To Change” [MP3] (from Throwing Punches In The Dark)

Maximo Park – “Our Velocity” [MP3] (from Our Earthly Pleasures)

Nada Surf – “Your Legs Grow” [MP3] (from The Weight Is a Gift)

The Octopus Project – “An Evening With Rthrtha” [MP3] (from Hello Avalanche)

Two Hours Traffic – “Stuck For The Summer” [MP3] (from Little Jabs)

PlayRadioPlay! – “I’m A Pirate, You’re A Princess” [MP3] (from Texas)

6 comments to I hope you’re not reading this

  • walkingonadream

    oh! but that’s not fair, it’s SOOOO COLD here in Melbourne (Australia) at the moment! Give us back the good weather! lol.
    love the tunes!

  • I’m with walkingonadream. It feels like winter has come 2 months early.
    Although we’ll probably be complaining about the heat again once it’s summer.

  • Jeremy Everett

    Fancy seeing another Melbournian here :)
    I wouldnt mind warmer weather either.
    I think we are in for a long winter.
    Agreed on the tunes too.
    Lovin’ the blog.

  • Jeremy Everett

    Oh and that Maximo Park song is Apply Some Pressure off A Certain Trigger not Our Velocity off Our Earthly Pleasures.
    I do quite like Wraithlike though.

    Lee Reply:

    You’re absolutely right, Jeremy! I uploaded the wrong song 😮

    I did mean to upload Our Velocity though, so now….it’s Our Velocity haha. Or at least it should be!

    Thanks so much for the heads up and for the kind words. Hope to see you around these parts often.


  • Jeremy Everett

    No worries.
    Im a regular to these parts.
    You hold a special place in my music blog favourites folder :)
    Cheers Jeremy