The Sizzling Sarah Tracey


Funny stuff happens on facebook. You stalk people, you tell everyone who doesn’t care about what you’re doing, and sometimes you even find new music! While perusing (nothing more, I swear) the profile of a friend last week (thanks Lauren!) I found a comment on her wall from someone named Sarah Tracey, mentioning her first record release. Being the music geek I am I obviously looked Tracey up online, found her MySpace, and was captivated from the moment she uttered her first sounds on that streaming page. Not to mention her look, which portrays the music in a brilliantly accurate manner.

In what could be music straight out of “Mad Men” or any other show set back in the days of hoppin’ jazz clubs when the men wore tuxes and the women fancy dresses, and black and white television filtered the mainstream, comes Sarah Tracey, she who brings the men to their knees. I saw her in concert at the Canal Room for her record release show on Tuesday, and I can say with confidence that Sarah Tracey is bringing class back. She plays the sex appeal to the extreme, as lines of “bring me home with you tonight” (for her cd of course) reverberated throughout the room. In a scene that could have had martinis spread across the room, puffed up hair from the ladies, and crew cuts with jet black hair from the men, Tracey stole the show with a voice full of repletion, intrigue, and seduction. Her backing band isn’t half bad either, with trumpet, keys, bass and drums to set the tone.

As for the six song EP, appropriately titled Cards On The Table, Tracey brings exactly what I’d expect – the sultry voice, the slow-winding tunes, the sensuous aura. The music wills its way along in a comfortable manner, but not so that listeners get sleepy – her powerful voice is too enrapturing to take your mind off the music. Unless you start dreaming of age old times and memories of a long-forgotten past (allow me to get sentimental, won’t you?) My favorite song, which displays the entire range of Tracey’s sound, comes in the form of “Heart On My Sleeve.” It’s a bit faster-paced than the others, but just as precious. Have a listen to that and two other tracks. Enjoy.

Sarah Tracey – “Heart On My Sleeve” [MP3]

Sarah Tracey – “This Plum” [MP3]

Sarah Tracey – “I Want To” [MP3]

8 comments to The Sizzling Sarah Tracey

  • Jonathan

    That was the most amazing show ever!!!
    Im hooked!

  • 3lended 7wice

    Awesome! Film noir to the core.

    Lee Reply:

    Good to see you around 3lended 7wice. It’s been a while – hope all is well.

  • Hi Tracy

    Loved your singing and songs i am a trained musical theatre singer have toured all uk , if you e mail me i can send you several of my virus scanned demos , i am also an actor , i am not a stalker just a person whom is also an actor singer
    please do e mail me with a link to your profile

    ritchie stevens (26)

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