Staples plays good music?



I just heard Greg Laswell‘s “How The Day Sounds” playing on the overhead at Staples. Huh? Is good music actually starting to proliferate across all industries these days?? I’m actually not so surprised in all honesty. Either way, good for Laswell; He plays accesible, warm piano pop with soothing vocals. Three Flights from Alto Nido was one of my favorite albums of ’08.

Greg Laswell – “How The Day Sounds” [MP3]

Greg Laswell – “Comes And Goes (In Waves)” [MP3]

Greg Laswell on MySpace

4 comments to Staples plays good music?

  • Pop piano melodies are always nice to listen to whilst browsing for paperclips, rubber bands, post-it notes, mouse pads etc. I’ve never heard this Greg fellow before, but he seems like a talented individual. – Suburban Dander

  • anna

    that’s because muzak loves greg laswell. and yes, we do put some good music in our programs these days… thanks.

  • Noob.

    You guys are seriously gay if you like the awful, repetitive music staples plays. Bunch of losers.

    Lee Reply:

    Thanks for making such an insightul comment Noob! Maybe you should read the post next time.