In Case You Missed It: Week in Review


In case you’re that dude who googled “teabagging” all week and giggled yourself to unhealth, here’s what you missed this week on Knox Road.

Amazon’s scandal. We really don’t want to formulate too much of an opinion here not knowing the back-story, but as to what happened, wow.

Full Animal Collective remix of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Zero” comes out to salivating hipsters. Jamie needs to stop posting the picture of that eye though – I’m getting nauseous.
Patrick Watson comes out with new track, “Man Like You,” from upcoming Wooden Arms album.
Lee loves getting those surprise emails from fantastic unknown bands. Case in point: Akudama.
Deer Tick share new mp3 (“Easy”) and cover art of the soon to come Born On Flag Day

Cutest indie band, The Boy Least Likely To, covers cutest musical, “Grease”
Sarah Siskind is releasing her physical album on May 26. But don’t worry, nothing else is coming out that day, so she should get all sorts of record sales…
My Gold Mask follows Jamie through his forest wandering and steals his soul (with haunting music)
Yada yada yada, “Teabagging.” (Actually hysterical. Can’t believe MSNBC – awesome.)

New Breeders: “Fate To Fatal”
Phoenix (who?) announce U.S./Canada tour!
Jamie breaks down the super lame 2009 Webby Awards. You may ask, if they’re super lame, why does Jamie break them down? (Good question! Jamie?)

A little band vs. band, which would you rather debate in the spirit of Pinkberry vs. Red Mango

Winter Gloves cover Nirvana and announce tour
New Deerhunter mp3! “Rain Water Cassette Exchange.” It’s all kinds of artsy and subdued.
New Black Moth Super Rainbow: “Born On A Day The Sun Didn’t Rise”
The “Drop Stop” invention can save people a lot of coins! …while wasting a lot more money on the product.

Brett Randell: growing singer/songwriter from the University of Maryland
Talented Milly Beau lead, MaryBeth Doran, to co-host and perform for NYC’s R.I.S.E: “Rising Independent Singer Songwriter and Spoken Word Evening.”

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