Brett Randell: UMD’s own rising singer/songwriter


A local talent to present today, this time ultra local – coming straight from the University of Maryland itself. A mere college senior, Brett Randell displays advanced musical ability on his recently released full-length album. After a six year hiatus from music, Randell decided to re-enter the ever burgeoning scene after receiving a new guitar on his 20th birthday. Ever since, his dedication to his music has been a sight to behold.

While classified as a singer/songwriter – and rightfully so, Randell combines several different elements of sound in his music, creating a diverse mix so as listeners won’t feel like they’re listening to the same thing twice. That’s not to say his voice doesn’t have that necessary distinct sound. He has a lower, bluesy tone with a powerful reverberating presence, complementing his soft acoustic guitar quite nicely. My favorite track, “Soldier,” includes violin from Jon Dorme and demonstrates that Randell isn’t willing to sit on his laurels and expect his guitar to do all the talking. Incorporating separate instruments makes for a unique appeal. His major weakness is simplistic lyricism, but that’s to be expected from a young, growing artist, and I will surely wait for it to improve as he continues his work. Sit back, relax, and listen to some Brett Randell on a Saturday afternoon.

Brett Randell – “Soldier (feat. Jon Dorme)” [MP3]

Brett Randell – “Home” [MP3]

Brett Randell on MySpace

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