That other album coming out May 26…


In what could be the most ill-advised marketing move of all time, Sarah Siskind will be releasing her newest album, Say It Louder, on May 26 (though it will be available through iTunes today). Hmm, what else is dropping that day? Eh, not too much. Only the most anticipated albums of the year in the indie community. If I have to spell it out for you, that would be Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest and Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Oh Sarah Siskind. What are you getting yourself into?

Well guess what? I’m here to make sure her effort doesn’t get overlooked. Siskind’s sultry voice and alt-country instrumentation lend themselves to weary hearts, and it sure doesn’t hurt that she opened for Bon Iver. Now, I’m not typically a fan of anything involving the country genre, but it’s funny how the line gets muddled when we discuss folk and country. I’d like to think Siskind creates the perfect mix between the two and can appeal to listeners of both (and other…) genres. With soft acoustics akin to Justin Vernon himself, she creates precious lullabies, but lullabies with atmosphere – not sing-alongers. So I guess in a bit of a stray from typical Knox Road fare, I’ll present to you Sarah Siskind, and hope that Say It Louder, which will surely impress listeners either way, won’t be forgotten among those other releases on May 26. Who’s Grizzly Bear? (…Joke. I am very much excited for those other two albums just as much as you and that dude sitting next to you at work, or in class, or if you’re reading and running, on the neighboring treadmill, are.)

“Falling Stars” is Siskind’s latest single and will be featured on Say It Louder. “Lovin’s For Fools” (a personal favorite) is off her 2006 handmade, double EP, Studio. Living Room.

Sarah Siskind – “Falling Stars” [MP3]

Sarah Siskind – “Lovin’s For Fools” [MP3]

Sarah Siskind on MySpace

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