Quite honestly, getting an email from a band with a ton of potential is one of the most rewarding things about being a music blogger. We get a load of emails (wayyy too many from promoters) but we love receiving them all the same. And when a band strikes our ear that we can’t ignore, well, we know we’re doing something right. Akudama, a four-piece from Brooklyn (who list their fourth member as QB Troy Aikman…), fits that tag well.

Akudama is taking a very Dayliner-ish approach, releasing a free downloadable single (A/B sides with full cover art) at the start of each month through their website. And based off their April EP, Arctic Jog, I’ll be going back there often. Akudama meshes several styles of rock into one, playing off of influences from Spoon to Fleetwood Mac to Modest Mouse. Psychedelica, strong guitar riffs, and powerful vocals/harmonies make for some catchy tracks.

Sneak a ‘hear’ of their April single, “Arctic Jog,” as well as their March single, “Love.” They’ll be playing at Pianos Saturday, April 25th. Can’t wait for more material from these guys.

Akudama – “Arctic Jog” [MP3]

Akudama – “Love” [MP3]

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