New Papercuts – ‘You Can Have What You Want’


We received an email about a new track available for download from Papercuts, titled “You Can Have What You Want,” which was also featured as an NPR song of the day. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it because to be completely honest I haven’t heard much Papercuts before but if this song is any indication of their upcoming album of the same name, You Can Have What You Want, set to drop this week (April 14) on Gnomonsong, then we’re all in for quite a treat. The track drifts along through soft harmonies and wandering guitar and piano – which comes as no surprise considering this excerpt from their press release:

This obsessively all analog effort (no computer processing here whatsoever!) cuts across several eras of dreamy sound: 80’s/90’s Creation & 4AD records, The Zombies, 60’s French pop, even CAN’s Future Days, & then there’s the inevitable connection to former tourmates Beach House & Grizzly Bear. Indeed, Beach House’s Alex Scally helped with some of the arrangements, but You Can Have What You Want is its own strain of addictive pop. For many, it will be the blissful / melancholy jam of the summer.

Pretty convincing, what with the Grizzly Bear and Beach House references. They’re right though – the similarities are impossible to ignore. You Can Have What You Want could be one hell of a 2009 sleeper album.

Papercuts – “You Can Have What You Want” [MP3]

Papercuts on MySpace

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