Yacht’s new album cover is bad for your head

Yacht cover

Why do these cover art artists hate us so? First we had the acid test of Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion, then the WTF moment of 2009 with Dinosaur Jr.’s Farm, and now we have Yacht’s See Mystery Lights. Although it might seem harmless now, just wait until you see the holographic foil they’re going to put on the physical CD covers. You can preview the madness here, but don’t click if you get, like, you know, seizures. 

It looks like 2009 is the year we’re all supposed to be on drugs. The band had this to say about the cover art:

“See Mystery Lights is inspired by the ‘Mystery Lights,’ an unexplained paranormal and optical phenomenon indigenous to triad sites around the world, includingMarfa, Texas. In homage to this, the album art is printed with a holographic foil which renders the art ephemeral, susceptible to tricks of light. It is impossible to get a feeling for the effect without holding the actual album in your hand.”

Oh, right. Ok. I get it now. It’s aliens, right?  Let’s just skip to the track list.

1. Ring the Bell 
2. The Afterlife 
3. I’m in Love With a Ripper 
4. It’s Boring / You Can Live Anywhere You Want 
5. Psychic City (Voodoo City) 
6. Summer Song 
7. We Have All We’ve Ever Wanted 
8. Don’t Fight the Darkness 
9. I’m in Love With a Ripper (Party Mix) 
10. Psychic City (Version)

[via Pitchfork]


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