Since we can sometimes get so caught up in the whirlwind of activity happening RIGHT NOW i’m gonna slow things down a little bit and talk about an artist I should have discussed SEVERAL MONTHS AGO. First, take a look at who’s writing this post, and then recognize the artist will be from familiar “Lee” territory. By that I mean I love this country’s music. I’ll give you a minute to get it. Ok good. (You should be able to associate a country with each of us by now. If you don’t know Jamie’s then you’re kicked off the blog.)

Hailing from Sweden, Fredrik creates jittery folk pop with soothing harmonies and multi-layered electronica-ish arrangements. Their U.S. release of Na Na Ni was back in October, and it quickly built momentum to rise among the top of my yearly favorites. You can liken some of the sound to Electric President and the Morr artists and you wouldn’t be too far off. Their influences are another apt outlet to begin thinking about Fredrik and their music: “folk, good pop, phase composition, rural scandinavia, old-school public service television, progressive storytelling, synæsthesia.” I mean, who doesn’t love synæsthesia?? They’re getting pretty psychological on us all (song lyrics included) but that’s ok with me. I mean, my dad comes from the psychology field and all, I’m used to it. (Yeah I’ve heard it before so just don’t ask. I am a psychologist’s kid, we can leave it at that.)

Fredrik is composed of, well, Fredrik (voice, acoustic guitar)….and Anja (cello), Jerker (bass), Mikael (drums), Fredrik… (electric guitar, voice), and Lindefelt (banjo, accordion, voice, sounds, visuals). The warmth of the first Fredrik’s voice shines through the intimacy of the sound, making Na Na Ni one of those albums you curl up on your couch to on a snowy day. You’re probably thinking, wtf, it’s the middle of April, why is he talking about SNOW. Well maybe because I’M BITTER from standing in a SNOWY NYC YESTERDAY. But good ole’ Fredrik was there to keep me from losing it. Which I would have. I was running around with a bunch of shit to catch a train home for Passover (sole Jew of Knox Road!)

You can buy Na Na Ni at The Kora Records (same folks who gave us Pree’s The Chopping Block).

Fredrik – “Alina’s Place” [MP3]

Fredrik – “Black Fur” [MP3]

Fredrik – “1986” [MP3]

Fredrik on MySpace

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  • mmm they’re great! and i guessed sweden!

  • B

    I have been loving this album for a little while now. It seems to basically capture every aspect of the sounds of music I love. At least one of these guys was also in The Lovekevins or LKs, and released a darn tight synth heavy album around a year or so ago. Check out the track “Private Life Of A Cat” It is super feel good!

    Lee Reply:


    Sorry for the late response. Thanks for the info about The LK – some great stuff!