Hands and Knees

hands and knees

Massachusetts’ Hands and Knees are your favorite band’s early years. You know, those days when they were kinda rough and didn’t bow to pop sensibilities and record labels and “money?” Because, let’s be real, who wants any of that action…? Me.

But what’s great about Hands and Knees is they take all the cute rough and evolve it into a whole sound in itself. They are that jangly, animalistic fever rock that knows how to take good care of you. You can make love to them and mosh with them. This is a good thing.

The band’s second full-length, Et Tu Fluffy, is out April 28 on Midriff. [via You Ain’t No Picasso]

Hands and Knees – “Midnight in the Applefield” [MP3]

Hands and Knees on Myspace

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