Notable CD Releases: Maria Taylor, The Veils, Seaworthy


Some releases you may or may not have heard of coming out tomorrow:*

  • Maria Taylor – LadyLuck. Buy. This wunderkind, of the former Azure Ray, as well as Now It’s Overhead, is bringing more of that sweet, edgy pop in the solo form. A voice full of power, a heart full of gold, nothing not to like here. She has the ability to stretch her voice without straining, making a jealous fool of many. Taylor adds an orchestral feel to this as well, as evidenced on “Time Lapse Lifeline.” For those who are fans (like me) of female singer/songwriters, she’s one of the best the category has to offer.
    Maria Taylor – “Time Lapse Lifeline” [MP3]
    Maria Taylor -“Song Beneath The Song” [MP3] (from 2005’s 11:11)
  • The Veils – Sun Gangs. Buy. Coming right after Maria Taylor, The Veils may or may not be your cup of tea, but they work for me. Hot on the heels of well-received Nux Vomica, catchy choruses, loud, raspy vocals and thumping guitars define Sun Gangs. Though the Veils know how to make a softer, atmospheric song as well (see previously released “Lavinia.”)
    The Veils – “The Letter” [MP3]
    The Veils – “Killed By The Boom” [MP3]
  • Seaworthy – 1897. Buy. Soundscapes galore from Cameron Webb, leader of this Australian melancholic troupe. Just look at the track names (inside, ammunition, installation, outside.) Quite the dreary imagery. Not the sound though.
    Seaworthy – “The Day” [MP3] (from 2001’s The Ride)

*NB: this does not include Doves – Kingdom of Rust. We have talked about it enough…

3 comments to Notable CD Releases: Maria Taylor, The Veils, Seaworthy

  • thanks for posting about maria taylor’s new album! I adore her! can’t wait to see her play here in ny this weekend.

    x Sarah

    Lee Reply:

    good to hear from you Sarah! and no problem, Ms. Taylor is quite a talent. Keep up the photography and hope everything else is well!

  • nice! i saw her last night accompanying a friend after a lot of folks had told me about her, and fell had over heels for every track. amazing talent.