New Lonely Island Video: “Like A Boss”

Looks like I missed this a couple days ago, but The Lonely Island premiered a video for Incredibad fave “Like A Boss” on SNL. It’s very much pretty good. I like it! To be fair, the song didn’t lend itself to a very creative video. You just get to actually see Andy do all the things he talks about doing “like a boss.” Fun! 

The Lonely Island – “Like A Boss” [MP3]

3 comments to New Lonely Island Video: “Like A Boss”

  • Siirus

    Leave a comment LIKE A BOSS

  • marc

    i don’t understand the hype surrounding this guy! he is kind of cute but his jokes are tedious and he doesn’t have any true musical creativity!

  • To Marc

    Okay, marc, these guys make funny music, not to be proffessional or anything they just do it for the laughs of everyone