The Two Minute Miracles


“Men and Women From Ontario. We Play Music.”

Such is the about section on MySpace for The Two Minute Miracles. And next to their profile reads, “Languishing in Obscurity.” Also, their website is completely incomprehensible (to me.) Even this photo is a blur. But you know what? Sometimes we don’t need huge long explanations about how they met on a rainy day and fell in love with one’s sense of hard pop and the other’s sense of long melancholic dilemmas and then found their guitarist playing on the streets without clothes and the violinist as a server in a coffee shop who just looked like she had nimble fingers when carrying the food. Don’t tell me you haven’t read bios like that thousands of times. So why not mix it up a bit, a la Hello, Broken Arrow?

Am I going to tell you about their music? Well, you know me, typically I would wax psychological and play with metaphors and be all lame like that. But this time, you should just listen to the music. My description: good. Buy their 2007 release, Volume IV – “The Lions of Love”, here. Fine, I’ll give you one piece of info: their bassist on that album is Greg Smith from The Weakerthans.

The Two Minute Miracles – “The Bee Hell” [MP3]

The Two Minute Miracles – “Stay Off The Train Tracks” [MP3]

The Two Minute Miracles – “Conjoined” [MP3]

3 comments to The Two Minute Miracles

  • B

    We are just waiting for someone to buy the movie rights before we release all the details! -HBA

    Lee Reply:

    hahaha love it B, thanks for sticking around, looking forward to some new stuff!

    B Reply:

    honestly so am i. haha! we have been tracking busily! at least we can say an album is written, now just to record it!