Save September (Crissi Cochrane)

Save September is the solo singer/songwriter project from Crissi Cochrane, a Halifax, Nova Scotia native. If it seems we’ve been featuring more and more Canadians on this blog, well, it’s because we have – their music is stellar (stars), and so much of it is unknown (the two minute […]

New British Sea Power: “Come Wander With Me” [MP3]

British Sea Power revealed the first look at their new album today with “Come Wander With Me.” Oh, btw, by “album” I actually mean a soundtrack to a 1934 documentary about an Irish fishing community called Man of Aran. Sure, ok. The song is actually really cool and creepy, yet uplifting? […]

Rare Alvin Band songs [mp3]

Thank the Alvin Band for bringing us the type of “Hyphy-Turntablism-Ghettotech” that we need in order to survive and thank The Wombat for letting me in on these rare tracks by the Alvin Band.

Alvin Band – “Glowing Tree” [MP3]

Alvin Band – “Mystery Alladin” […]

The JeanMarie

A five-piece from Miami who have supported acts such as The Noisettes, Bloc Party and Tokyo Police Club, The JeanMarie bring us a plethora of different sounds throughout their recently released (…well, January) album, Annie Jump Cannon.

You know, I realized it’s kind of odd that I’m liking this […]

The New Retro is a powerful band.

Over the weekend I went to go see a band called The New Retro perform at Club Heaven and Hell in Adams Morgan. I really didn’t go in with any expectations…I just wanted to see a really tight performance. Luckily for me, that is exactly what I got. For those of you that do […]

Still Flyin’

Still Flyin’ actually just took off for me – another band I hadn’t previously known that has me excited. Their debut album, Never Gonna Touch The Ground, dropped April 7 on Ernest Jenning Record Co.

Still Flyin’ mixes catchy 70’s-ish pop rock with newish boy girl filled out harmonies […]

‘Dark Was The Night’ at Radio City Music Hall

Why does it seem like only now, with just a week before the show, is promotion occuring for Dark Was The Night at Radio City Music Hall? I’ve seen advertisements (posters/flyers) all over downtown, yet I hadn’t seen anything less than a week ago. Can someone tell me what’s up?

In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

I really hope you didn’t put any faith into that creepy old guy from the internet. Because he harasses people now (lame). Sexually (GROSS). However, I do hope you love seeing naked wizards get what they deserve, because this was the week for you!! Oh, and Oklahoma is stupid. […]

I hope you’re not reading this

I’m sure every person on the East Coast has twittered, changed their facebook status, and blogged about this crazy (in a good way) heat, but if you are reading this post, you shouldn’t be (and I shouldn’t be writing it, wtf?) Unless it’s to get some music for your iPod to […]

The best new music of the week

flaming lips oklahoma

Man, the end of a semester = tough time no time for a music blogger. And what a week to be busy! Folks from Ra Ra Riot and Vampire Weekend teamed up, Camera Obscura and Super Furry Animals released the new “best albums of 2009,” The Flaming Lips had didn’t have have the official rock song of Oklahoma, OH so many things! The Naked Wizard got tased! After the jump is the best stuff of this week (with SO many MP3s) we never told you about.

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