Röyksopp’s Junior makes me wish I could dance…

royksopp junior

Because all the best electronica comes from Norway (??) it should be no surprise that Röyksopp’s latest album, Junior, is a tour de electronica, whatever that means, if it even makes sense. From the band’s Myspace:

After spending the last year or so in the kitchen, we’re now ready to serve. The menu should provide a vast variety of flavours, and there should be a little something for everyone – from chunky meats to healthy veg – all prepared to satisfy the connoisseur. Obviously.

So basically, Junior, is a big vegan-friendly potluck dinner? I don’t get you, you Norwegians, but I like your music all the same. The album starts off with, “Happy Up Here,” which might be the electronica track of the year if not one of the best overall tracks of the year. Backed by a fun melody and deep synth, the eclectic song (which clocks in at a mere 2:44) is the perfect introduction to Röyksopp.

In lieu of heavy, pulsing electronica, the duo offers a very light, innocent sound. Don’t mistake “light” for “shallow” though, the music is full of driving beats and swirling synth that makes you just want to hit the club. If you can dance. Which I can’t. :( 

The rest of Junior doesn’t match the level of “Happy Up Here,” making me afraid it will be remembered at “that album with that really good opening track.” While it doesn’t deliver as many singles as maybe it could, I think it’s not really the point. It seems to me that Röyksopp set out to make a good album you can dance to (or just listen and dream of dancing to…) and they did. I still can’t dance to it, though which makes me still :(

Junior is out now on Astralwerks.

Röyksopp – “Happy Up Here” [MP3]

Röyksopp – “This Must Be It” [MP3]

Röyksopp – “The Girl and the Robot” [MP3]

Röyksopp on Myspace

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