Knox Road Exclusive: Writer/Director Mark Region talks about After Last Season

after last season

Since the trailer for After Last Season came out and confused the hell out of pretty much the entire world, people have been debating the legitimacy of the movie. Well, you heard it here first: After Last Season is real.

I spoke with writer/director/producer Mark Region about the movie earlier today, and his flustered and honest tone leads me to believe that he’s actually a real life guy. Region said the project has been about 10 years in the making, including the three years it took him to write the screenplay.

He said the trailer for the movie can be misleading.

“It’s pretty much what you see in the trailer, but more than that,” said Region. “It’s different.”

Although Apple Trailers labeled the film a comedy, Region said it’s a mistake. He said the movie is more like a Hitchcock film, dark and mysterious.

“The movie is just a regular mystery… with special effects and computer effects,” he said.

The special effects, which appear in the trailer, cost a big part of the movie’s $5 million budget said Region. He said most of the money came from local investors, not from Hollywood.

He said he wanted to keep the set simple and hired local actors to keep the the film low-budget.

“It took a lot of effort, we tried to do our best,” he said.

But, let me repeat. After Last Season is real according to Mark Region, who is also apparently real. People will get a chance to see Region’s dream come to life on June 5 when the movie hits theaters. Region wasn’t sure how many theaters would get the movie, but he said the release would be “regular-wide.”

So again, despite all my initial insight, it looks like the movie is 100% real and will 100% be playing on a screen maybe near you. Part of me is glad I can now sleep at night, but part of me still wants to hang on to the mystery that shrouded After Last Season

Because people are all “I don’t know if this interview is real!” and “That guy is still totally a fraud,” I’ve posted some details about how I found him and what the interview was like blah blah. You can find it here.

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