April 4 Concert Notables: The Damnwells and Gregory Alan Isakov


A more apt title for this post would be, lesser-known artists playing April 4 in NYC – because that week we got just about everyone coming to town. (Weird to use that phrase when speaking of New York City…)

A couple recent favorites of mine, The Damnwells and Gregory Alan Isakov, will be playing shows in the area (not together), and I encourage you to at least check one of them out. In what should be right up the alley of our friend Sandy’s awesome blog, Slowcoustic (a highly recommended read for those who are fans of what the blog title implies…as well as anyone else who may be looking for something new!), come both of these artists.

Firstly, let’s discuss The Damnwells, who are from all over, including Brooklyn and Queens, and in February made their latest record, One Last Century, up for free download on their website. I say with utmost sincerity that if you don’t download it, you’re missing out on one of the best up-and-coming artists in the folk/acoustic genre. Upon first hearing the track, “Down With The Ship” as a demo, I was absolutely floored by the heartfelt, raspy vocals and brilliant strums of the acoustic guitar. It’s one of those songs you listen to in that moment of emotional vulnerability which keeps you from fully falling down the path of instability. They will be playing at The Mercury Lounge April 4 (obviously…), so get your tickets here.

The Damnwells – “Down With The Ship” [MP3]

The Damnwells – One Last Century [free download of the entire album on The Damnwells website!]

Next is Colorado’s Gregory Alan Isakov, playing with the well-known Brandi Carlile at The Concert Hall, for “an intimate acoustic evening with Brandi Carlile”. Tickets here. Gregory Alan Isakov plays soft, lo-fi acoustic music, with other band members playing fiddle and cello along with the percussion. You’ll wan’t to check out this budding talent now, before he hits the big time, especially after this tour with the lovely Ms. Carlile.

Gregory Alan Isakov – “Unwritable Girl” [MP3]

3 comments to April 4 Concert Notables: The Damnwells and Gregory Alan Isakov

  • Thanks for the shout out, and yes Isakov in my opinion is the headliner at his concert (nothing against Carlile, but Isakov is stellar).

  • Gilly

    The Damnwells Show at Mercury Lounge is actually sold out! (happened sometime this week) Not sure what kind of luck one would have finding an extra ticket there that night…

  • Dude

    Up and coming for ten years straight!