Tenaka – Eponymously Titled


I stumbled across Tenaka (aka, Ronan Carroll) a little while back upon hearing of a free 4 song EP, Eponymously Titled, released in January, on his MySpace. Not knowing much about the music, except that it had been labeled electronica, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, as soon as I saw “Ireland” next to his name, I was totally going to give the album a chance, and decided to download it. Quite the decision that was.

Tenaka creates a glorious lo-fi mix of electronics as he records each instrument onto his laptop and blends them together seamlessly. This mix includes an acoustic and electric guitar, bongos, congas, xylophones, harmonicas, shakers, a ukelele, a kalimba, and a kora. The songs are great walking music, talking music, and just generally down-to-earth and enjoyable. Think The Album Leaf. Convincing enough?

Tenaka – “Alaskan” [MP3] (left click)

Tenaka – “Someday” [MP3] (left click)

Download the other two songs on his MySpace as part of the free EP. Also, Carroll has his own music blog for a website, so check it out!

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