In Case You Missed It: Week in Review


If you were lucky enough to be at SXSW this week, I don’t blame you for not reading Knox Road! SO much live music!! If you were like me and Bob and went to Chicago for the week, well I guess I DO blame you (myself)?? Here’s Lee’s solo week in review (thanks Lee)!!


A live Wavves recording in KR’s only non-Lee post and the video doesn’t work! Links instead!

Mono’s “Follow The Map” Mp3–finally!

The Tiny make music the likes of which you’ve never heard


KR exclusive: New tracks from The Scarlet Ending

Evening Magazine is spellbinding (ooo!!)


Rafter drops a physical album–finally!


March Madness music mix makes me… mope… marry… I give up

Grizzly Bear releases new “Cheerleader” Mp3–FINALLY!

First Aid Kit makes more music in the woods. 


Lee watches Lost and gets all poetic

William FItzsimmons is pretty much the best ever


Lee gives us Hem’s song from an old Liberty Mutual ad–finally??

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