In Case You Missed It: Week in Review


In case you missed it, Jack White started a new band. I forgive you though. You probably confused it with his 5,000 other self-created bands. But I don’t forgive all the other things you’ve missed this past week at Knox Road, so this is your last chance to redeem yourself! Ahem, the KR Week in Review:


Jamie’s got 2009 figured out: It’s all about the karaoke!

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s video for “Zero” hits the sightwaves


Several Sufjan songs get remixed (mashed, really). Good? Bad?

Spotlight on infectious Mother Mother. They’re a band, don’t get any weird thoughts.

Old people hating on Animal Collective, split on Young Jeezy for “Breakfast at Sulimay’s” video

Jamie’s love for Pawnshop Diamond is undeniable


The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn = Lecturer Extraordinaire!

I almost didn’t include this Handsome Furs video in this week’s review because I’m still having nightmares. WTF Jamie.

Neko Case gives a whole new meaning to ‘indie’ with her chart topping Middle Cyclone. Well not really (Radiohead, Death Cab), but go Neko!

Long titled new song from Scottish band Broken Records

Action Painters artist profile – they’re full of everything media

New Crystal Stilts song: “Love Is A Wave”

Really REALLY eff’d up trailer for After Last Season, which I can’t seriously call a movie. What is going on? Anyone?

Jack White’s aforementioned new thingy. Yes, this is our eighth (and final) Wednesday post. Consider yourself either lucky or tired.


My Bloody Valentine is touring, but not really

New Arbouretum: “False Spring”

Apple comes out with Dance and Electronic indie sampler this time

New Boy In Static…I’ll reserve ultimate judgment until listening to the whole of Candy Cigarette. (Holding my breath).


St. Vincent (Annie Clark) announces U.S. tour in support of upcoming May album, Actor

Old guy defends Rihanna’s honor – with the power of music


Lee’s sad flashback of the wonderful The Format. Sigh.

Amazon MP3 offering their own SXSW sampler

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