MP3 from Boy In Static’s new ‘Candy Cigarette’


You should all know of my love of Boy In Static. I wrote about the duo a while back and mentioned they were working on Candy Cigarette. Well, the album was just released in MP3 format (March 10) and the physical release goes live April 14! Also, there’s a free mp3 up for grabs from the new album…

Boy In Static – “Young San Francisco” [MP3]

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. This doesn’t even sound like Boy In Static. Where’s the good old Boy In Static from Violet and Newborn? This is what I had to say about them in my last post, though I may have to change my assessment a bit.

Boy In Static, the San Francisco duo of Alexander Chen and Kenji Ross, is set to release a new album, Candy Cigarette, in March. Before I get to some info about the album, let’s talk history. Chen’s small demo album was originally discovered in 2003 by The Notwist (one of my favorite bands), which is totally unsurprising, considering their music sounds identical at times. Chen then joined Ross in 2004 to make a live band and the two have been Boy In Static ever since.

Musically, Boy In Static appeals to those who love electronica with soft-spoken vocals, which achingly work their way toward a zenith but never fully get there on purpose. The electronica works to get deep into the souls of its listeners, at times overwhelming you in its melancholy, but keeping you focused on each song because of the outstanding melodic appeal. It’s like that glimmer of hope you have when you can see the light in your life but something dramatic happens and strips you bare when you least expect it. You might say, “Why the hell would I want to listen to music that makes me feel that way?” And I say, “Good question!” But you know what, sometimes its nice to feel vulnerable and stripped of your security. Your emotions become tangible, life becomes clear….and you realize you really need to shave. That goes for both sexes.

Read the rest of that post (with The Notwist mp3s as well) here: Soft Saturday: Boy In Static – Candy Cigarette

Also, a couple previous Boy In Static mp3s I provided which I love, to compare to the new song:

Boy In Static – “Where It Ends” [MP3]

Boy In Static – “Bellyfull” [MP3]

“Young San Francisco” is much less atmospheric, sounding a little too clean (and what’s up with the vocals?). I kind of sort of still like it, but not nearly as much as their previous stuff. Hopefully this isn’t representative of the whole album, which has yet to be downloaded on my part. For those who have, should I be nervous? Because right now I am and I don’t know what to do with myself.

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