Apple’s new indie sampler: Dance and Electronic

Apple came out with one of their sporadic installments of free indie spotlight samplers yesterday for all to redeem and gimmeindiedownload. This mix is slightly surprising considering they usually spotlight singer/songwriters and more accessible stuff to the “common folk” (thought that’s not the case for their recently launched indie spotlight section in the iTunes store). They seem to have a finger on the pulse of what’s going on the in the “indie” world, featuring some well-known stuff (Ratatat, Little Boots, Metronomy) as well as some I haven’t heard of (Harmonic 313, Little Dragon, no point in continuing this parenthetical – it could take a while) though I’m sure several of you have…

Here’s the tracklist, and three very different mp3s, below:

1. Guns ‘n’ Bombs – “Riddle of Steel”
2. Vincent Markowski – “Dirty Capsules” [MP3] (left click)
3. Fever Ray – “If I Had a Heart”
4. Little Boots – “Stuck On Repeat”
5. Architeq – “Birds of Prey (Fulgeance Emotronical Mix)”
6. Woolfy – “Oh Missy (In Flagranti’s Xenon Mix)”
7. Deadmau5 – “Alone With You”
8. Arcadion – “Arc”
9. Ratatat – “Falcon Jab”
10. Dance Area – “AA 24/7 (Diplo Remix)” [MP3] (left click)
11. Mux Mool – “Night Court”
12. Of Montreal – “Id Engager (Mad Decent Remix)”
13. Harmonic 313 – “Cyclotron C64 Sid”
14. Digitalism – “The Pulse”
15. Erobique – “Endorphinmachine”
16. Hudson Mohawke – “Overnight”
17. Diplo – “Percao (feat. Pantera Os Danadinhos)
18. Telepathe – “Chrome’s On It”
19. Metronomy – “Heartbreaker”
20. Little Dragon – “Blinking Pigs” [MP3] (left click)

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