Neko Case debuts at #3 on Billboard Top 200

neko case

ZOMG sound the alarm (the indie music alarm, not the real one)!! Middle Cyclone by proclaimed “indie” artist Neko Case just debuted at #3 on the prestigious Billboard Top 200 chart! Those spots are usually reserved for the likes of “Kanye West” and “Now That’s What I Call Music!”

I guess this means that Neko Case is no longer indie? I don’t understand how this works. Last I heard record labels weren’t indie, but look what happened there. I actually don’t know what happened there, but I think she’s still cool. Right?

Middle Cyclone is out now. You can go to iTunes because this is like HUGE now. 

Neko Case – “People Got A  Lot of Nerve” [MP3]

Neko Case – “This Tornado Loves You” [MP3]

Neko Case on Myspace

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