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action painters

Because Jackson Pollock paints the shit out of boring artists like Leonardo Da Vinci. Action Painters come from Brooklyn and are the DEFINITION of solid. As if great stomping riffs and catchy melodies weren’t enough, the band brings a great connected energy that so many potentially great bands lack.

Listening to their latest material sounds like listening to a band that has been playing around for years and really worked their way into a consistently good stride (they’ve actually only been together since 2006). Their single “Supermarket” takes a traditional rock structure and adds a little group singing and what sounds like 8-bit video game synth that turns the song into something else entirely.

In fact, most of APs’ songs follow that same idea. It’s basic indie rock music with a twist. Beautiful. Just awesome. If this band doesn’t blow up, I’ll be surprised.

And if you’re tired of all that Action Painters music stuff you can switch over to books! Band member Allison Zatarain wrote an awesome novel and published it over on her blog. So many media!! Action Painters plan on releasing their full-length debut sometime in 2009. Check out some older tracks below.

Action Painters – “Supermarket” [MP3]

Action Painters – “Sooner or Later” [MP3]

Action Painters on Myspace

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