Mother Mother


In response to The Scarlet Ending’s Kaleena Goldsworthy (much thanks to her) listing a Mother Mother song (“Hayloft”) as tops on her current playlist, I decided now would be a perfect time to discuss the brilliant five-piece from Vancouver, Canada. A bit more of a dynamic Mates of State (and with 3 more members…), Mother Mother combines dissonant harmonies with clashing melodicism to create quite a spectacle of modern indie pop.

Their sound is utterly infectious – I was hooked on first listen and I expect several others will feel the same. They earned a bit of a cult following after their September 2008 release of O My Heart, their second full-length, produced by Howard Redekopp (Tegan and Sara, The New Pornographers – should help give you a better expectation for Mother Mother’s sound). With a multi-talented crew of Ryan Guldemond on vocals and guitar, Molly Guldemond (aww more cute family stuff – such is the craze these days) on vocals and synth, Jasmin Parkin on vocals and keys, Jeremy Page on bass and horns, and Ali Siadat on percussion, Mother Mother is about to strike international (non-Canadian) gold.

Mother Mother – “Body” [MP3]

Mother Mother – “Ghosting” [MP3]

Mother Mother – “Hayloft” [MP3]

Mother Mother on MySpace

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