No Doubt giving free download of entire catalogue to concertgoers

No doubt

I guess to say “thanks” or to just lure people to their upcoming tour (which, to be fair, I DID say was unappealing), No Doubt is giving away a free download of the entire catalogue. That means every album from 1992’s No Doubt to 2003’s compilation The Singles

Of course, I would assume that most No Doubt concertgoers already have their entire catalogue or at least much of it. So who is this appealing to? I guess people who are thinking “You know, I think 2009 is really the year to start getting into No Doubt…”

To get the download, you have to buy a full-price (none of that back-lawn nonsense) ticket to one of their shows. Tickets are $42.50, which is kind of a lot. I’m still not going. [Thanks Spin]

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