U2 makes your mom’s favorite album of 2009

No line on the horizon U2

U2’s big new release No Line on the Horizon is out today and it’s so OK it hurts.

It’s safe and it’s well-written but  not really good or surprising. Even though CNN called it “experimental” it’s not. You’re wrong CNN. It’s experimental like saying “let’s try putting mentos in Diet Coke!” You know what’s going to happen (because we ALL saw on YouTube like 4 years ago), but since it’s slightly out of your usual comfort level you can still call it an “experiment.” (Except “Fez-Being Born,” which is sort of experimental and kind of cool). 

I will say the album succeeded in creating a sound that is consistent throughout the album. It’s a little different than what they normally do (think a little softer). The band seems very fluid. But overall the whole thing can be best summed up in one word: meh.

Basically, your mom will love everything about No Line. It’s got some “dance” songs if you want to dance like it’s 1986 and love ballad rock. The song writing formula remains the same as it has been. If anything, the band is abandoning the harder edge they worked so hard on sharpening (I know “Get On Your Boots” is like a more “rock” song, but it’s played so safe it doesn’t count).

So the album isn’t great. It could be a lot worse. They still manage to write some good songs. It doesn’t challenge anything, sounds mostly uninspired and it isn’t their best stuff by any means. Basically, it’s very OK. It’s worth buying if you’re actually your mom and you buy everything U2 releases. You/she can listen to it on the way to work every day and finger-tap and head bob along until you’re sore.

You can buy the album everywhere in the world.

U2 – “Get On Your Boots” [MP3] (new link)

U2 – “Breathe” [MP3] (new link)

U2 – “Fez – Being Born” [MP3] (new link)

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