New Green Day: “21st Century Breakdown”

Because I already made fun of their new album cover for 21st Century Breakdown, and reminisced about the time they made good new music as a different band, here’s the title track, “21st Century Breakdown,” from the new album, which is just awful. 

YouTube Preview Image

You can hear them try to be all “piano ballad” and then all “we’re still Green Day! See, it sounds just like an American Idiot B-side!” and finally, and inexplicably, all “Queen made epic songs, maybe we can too…” Nope. Fail.

1 comment to New Green Day: “21st Century Breakdown”

  • upthepunx123

    I can’t believe you guys green day is punk!!! you probly just like to sit and cry to your indie bands that dont get any exposeru. go on and listen to the smiths and leave good bands like green day alone. poseur.