In Case You Missed It: Week in Review


We know you were soooo busy practicing the “Jai Ho” dance and auditioning for Bollywood films, so here’s what you missed this week at Knox Road!


Lee’s Oscar predictions are pretty spot-on (yes, Lee is writing this Week in Review. He will continue to say good things about himself. In the third person.)


Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack is a keeper

Ivana XL’s new new song, “Red Red Sun”

Phoenix releases free mp3, “1901”, from their highly anticipated up-coming album Wolfgang Amadeus

Soft Black record release show update

Squirrelhouse, a talented Alabama band, will forever be linked with their french horn


MP3s of some SXSW artists, part four

Pree sounds like so many random different indie groups all at once


Soak up all that adorable from Bishop Allen on March 13 at the Black Cat

Come out of that cave and stop burning your ex’s picture to relive your youth with a No Doubt show


Ireland’s One Day International is already international. Did that make sense? Come on guys! They are performing at SXSW!

Warm weather in February is a tease. Spring, please.


Chairlift announces release date of new album Does You Inspire You and the string of shows to go along with it. I hope to learn if I inspire me at one of the shows, or else I’ll be pretty let down. Actually, I’ll probably be let down after hearing the answer anyway.


The O’Darling is everything you could dream of

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