I’m too busy doing taxes to write a proper post

I don’t get taxes. Why we have them or how to do them or why if my address is in Pennsylvania I send my forms to Missouri (seriously, wtf). So because I’m pretty much FML right now (SO trendy to say), I’m going to post this cop out post […]

Knox Road interview with Exit Clov

exit-clov-at-public-assemblyWith great excitement I announce to you all that we recently had the wonderful opportunity of doing some q+a with a KR favorite, D.C.’s own indie pop darlings, Exit Clov. Fittingly, Exit Clov will be starting their East Coast tour in D.C. at the Black Cat on April 1 (as Jamie noted) and then right here in New York at Public Assembly (with Proud Simon, Milly Beau, Goodfinger and DJ jG) April 2. Go out and support them! If you get a chance to hit up Public Assembly, don’t be a stranger – I’ll be there. Come find me. Just yell out “I love Knox Road!!”

Fronted by twin sisters (again??) Emily and Susan Hsu, with Aaron on guitar, Brett on bass, and John on drums, Exit Clov plays some extraordinarily organic, enthralling pop. The Hsu’s vocals are precious, leaving you with a little sugary hangover after listening. That’s a good thing, my friends.

Oh and by the way. Exit Clov and KR have teamed up to give you a little treat: the MP3 of their latest hit single, from their batch of new material, “District Menagerie”! And for good measure, a cover of a Peter Tosh tune they did for a public service announcement in DC for children’s immigration rights.

Exit Clov – “District Menagerie” [MP3]

Exit Clov – “Steppin Razor” (cover) [MP3]

On to the good stuff…

KR: When and how did you get into music?

[Susan]: Em and I played violin and piano since we were really little, and played in orchestras, then taught ourselves chords on the guitar in high school. We were always singing and harmonizing around the house, so being able to accompany ourselves on piano and guitar (plus having two of us around) was already like being in a band. Listening to music was also a big part of growing up. We had an older brother and we were always going through his tape collections and finding cool stuff like Joy Division and Fishbone and Nine Inch Nails that our own peers were too young to know about!”

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About my interview with After Last Season’s Mark Region

I’ve received a lot of questions about my interview with After Last Season writer/director/producer Mark Region, so I guess I’ll do some verifying. (See the bizarre trailer here and the interview here).

I found Mark Region’s phone number through a WhoIs search on the website for his production company, Index Square. Since the number […]

This Week in Concerts: Mates of State, Exit Clov, Ariel Pink, etc.

ariel pink

Yes yes, more shows, no time, no money. Here’s where you can find all sorts of hip kids jammin’ out this week in the D.C./Baltimore area.

Tuesday: Edie Sedgwick
D.C.’s own crazy weirdo Edie Sedgwick (who we first talked about way back when) is coming to Sonar in Baltimore to channel the spirit of the real Edie Sedgwick and sing songs named after celebrities. Because that’s what he does. Seriously. Love it. He and locals Played Tomorrow and Northernmost are all playing with Medications. Tickets

Edie Sedgwick – “Sissy Spacek” [MP3]

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Matt Kanelos & The Smooth Maria

Some relaxing, yet fulfilling music to start your day off, that’s for sure. Matt Kanelos & The Smooth Maria (out of NYC) has a new album, Silent Show, out April 29 – which from what we’ve heard so far, displays a crisp instrumentative flair with piano as the backbone […]

In Case You Missed It: Week in Review

Did you get caught up in the post SXSW fever that you just had to lie down and couldn’t bring yourself to read any music blog (even one that never got to go to SXSW…)? Well have no fear, here’s what you missed this week at Knox Road:

An oldie but goodie

Yeah, it’s an old video (shout out to Ashley), so what? I’m left speechless watching. (“To Build A Home” = one of my favorite songs of all time. Way to pick up Patrick Watson for it, TCO.) Suitable for coming home on a weekend night.

The Cinematic Orchestra – “To […]

Knox Road Exclusive: Writer/Director Mark Region talks about After Last Season

Since the trailer for After Last Season came out and confused the hell out of pretty much the entire world, people have been debating the legitimacy of the movie. Well, you heard it here first: After Last Season is real.

I spoke with writer/director/producer Mark Region about the movie earlier today, […]

Röyksopp’s Junior makes me wish I could dance…

Because all the best electronica comes from Norway (??) it should be no surprise that Röyksopp’s latest album, Junior, is a tour de electronica, whatever that means, if it even makes sense. From the band’s Myspace:

After spending the last year or so in the kitchen, we’re now ready to serve. The […]

Sunset Rubdown to release new album, ‘Dragonslayer’, June 23

The prolific Spencer Krug just keeps churning these puppies out. Details about his newest album, this time with Sunset Rubdown, have just hit the news waves. Having dropped Enemy Mine from another one of his bands, Swan Lake, recently, Krug is back with the atmospheric now five-piece (new bassist/drummer, Mark Nicol) Sunset Rubdown […]