Squirrelhouse (has a french horn!)


Five-piece Tuscaloosa band Squirrelhouse has a french horn. That’s right, a french horn. I haven’t actually seen one since they played behind me in fifth grade orchestra (I played clarinet and sucked at it). But Squirrelhouse actually has one and that is awesome. 

I should say, of course that it doesn’t make their sound. The band is actually very impressive horn aside. Squirrelhouse has a knack for really nailing the well-crafted song. Two trends these days tend to be the overproduced (see N.A.S.A.) and the lo-fi (see Under The Sherry Moon). Squirrelhouse has decided to take the tricky middle ground and walk the line between the two worlds.

Their debut release, SPQR, came out last year and the singles are strong. “Fours” and “The Hunter” both share the elements of cold lyrics and a consistent sound that combined makes a wandering song in a controlled spiral that leaves you begging for another trip.

The band also debuted two tracks from their upcoming yet-to-be-titled LP, “Monster part 1” and “Monster part 2.” The songs show a slight change on their sound that favors more experimentation and free-flowing music that is a lot looser than their older material. The melancholy is still there, however, as is that sweet french horn. You can’t lose the horn. 

You can pick up SPQR on iTunes

Squirrelhouse – “The Hunter” [MP3]

Squirrelhouse – “Monster Part 1” [MP3]

Squirrelhouse – “Monster Part 2” [MP3]

Squirrelhouse on MySpace

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