The White Stripes kinda disappoint on Conan…

For Conan’s last show in New York (before he goes and takes Jay Leno’s spot in Cali.) he asked the White Stripes to play. Given their rich history together (the music video for “Denial Twist”, the AMAZING performance of “Lets Build A Home,” etc.) you’d think the duo would have something awesome up their sleeves.

Instead they played a stripped down and seemingly under rehearsed version of “We’re Going To Be Friends” from their 2001 release White Blood Cells. Watch and :(

YouTube Preview Image

Was is awesome? No. Was it awful. Not really. What you can call it is very mediocre. But for the level of hype their appearance had and everybody’s high expectations, it was incredibly disappointing. It kind of sounded like they agreed to do the show last week (which I believe they did) but didn’t actually prepare anything until the night before.

Now I understand they’re busy, and haven’t played together in a while, but fans (me) are not going to care. They expect the best out of a band that they know can deliver the best.

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