The Mint Chicks!

We here at Knox Road would not normally talk about a band like the Mint Chicks. The reason for this is because we really don’t talk about bands from New Zealand a lot. Especially Jamie. But for this one time I will make an exception.

The Mint Chicks describe themselves as “Troublegum Pop.” I have to assume that they like this sort of label because “experimental noise-pop” doesn’t really capture the essence of a band. The Mint Chicks were introduced to me by a friend that had just come back from spending a while in New Zealand. He heard of all the bands that we “didn’t” talk about on this blog and immediately recommended the Chicks. I listened to them and loved it.

The Mint Chicks are coming out with a new album on March 16th. It will be called “Screens.” And since this is coming out in NZ, you will just have to grab it on itunes.

Check out this awesome song called “Post No Bills” to hold you over till the new cd…

The Mint Chicks – Post No Bills

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