Princess Chelsea

Princess Chelsea

Princess Chelsea hails from the best place ever Auckland, New Zealand and writes about her “mundane experiences” between the ages of 18 and 21. It’s cool definitely. She’s cute and talented and stuff, like everything from that country.

Influenced by classical and popular music, she writes songs that show true composition and pop sensibilities. She finished recording her debut full-length which will be released later this year on Lil’ Chief. Check out the first song off the album, “Monkey Eats Bananas” as well as a cover of UK techno-pop group White Town’s “Your Woman” that will not be on the album (boo).

Princess Chelsea – “Monkey Eats Bananas” [MP3]

Princess Chelsea – “Your Woman (Whitetown Cover)” [MP3]

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5 comments to Princess Chelsea

  • Hi!
    Check out Leaders Off from Gothenburg. for free download of the new album or

    Hope u like it!/Simon 0736906055

  • Tom

    While I am loving the shit out of this Princess woman’s cheeky little remix of Philip Glass’ Candyman theme, and certainly thank you for praising the creative abilities of everything in my country, I would urge you to reconsider quite so broad a compliment.

    To say everything out of New Zealand is great is to lessen the achievements of folk like Princess Chelsea, who I assure you are far more creative than the vast majority of the peoples of my fine nation (like anywhere else). Stray too much further down the road of unilaterally loving everything New Zealand and you’d be no better than those white people who can’t accept that some anime has an incomprehensible plot and terrible music.

  • Lee

    Tom, while she certainly is a unique talent, I’m going to stick up for my buddy Jamie here. He was just trying to add a light tone to the post. If you read the rest of the blog, you’ll notice we’re not trying to get into matters of “political correctness”. Of course she has achieved something special with her music. That is why we wrote about it.

    Appreciate the comment, however. Hope to see you back around these parts!

    – Lee

  • Tom

    Fair and good. I don’t believe in political correctness but levity is grand. Anyways I like Princess Chelsea and that is due to you folks. Stay funky.