Wavves makes waves with Wavvves

wavvvescover_smallLast time we talked about lo-fi California sensation Wavves, he was working on his major label full-length debut. Well the day came earlier this week and that record, Wavvves, arrived. The album landed on Fat Possum, and man did it land hard. 

Like a skater into an empty pool, Wavves drops into your eardrums full force with a blanket of fuzz and melody. His sound is nothing like anybody else out right now, which is probably one of the reasons he has enjoyed instant appeal and success. His lazy vocals contrast the harsh distortion which contrast the high-pitched harmonies. It’s like a whole yin yang thing (yay religion!).

His initial full-length, Wavves, was great although it suffered from a lack of flow and some rough song writing. On Wavvves, Wavves cleans up the little things and makes a very consistent album. The entire first half is dotted with great singles: “Beach Demon,” “So Bored,” “No Hope Kids.” Intertwined are what would all make good B-sides giving the album a wonderful up and down flow. The second half trails off a bit with a slew of “Goth” songs that deliver albeit weaker than the former tracks. 

The biggest disappointment I have is the decision to take off the song “Wavves,” a single and my favorite from his earlier release. You can, however, get it as a bonus track if you buy the album on iTunes. But still… You can get the album on Fat Possum as either a physical CD or a download. It’s well worth it. Trust me. 

Wavves – “Beach Demon” [MP3]

Wavves – “So Bored” [MP3]

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