Greycoats: “Melodramatic Popular Song”


…Or so it says on their MySpace. Sounds a bit Coldplay-ish no? But don’t worry, no Chris Martin involved, I promise. And you know, adjectives like melodramatic tend to draw people like me in. What can I say, i’m suuuuper melancholic.  Sort of. Actually, not really, but that’s the music I love. And I love Greycoats, the most recent band to grace my ears with their tender love and care. I think I’m stumbling into a bit of a trend here – everything I’ve been posting lately has been featured on those ‘girlie’ TV shows, last time it was Starlume on One Tree Hill, this time its Greycoats on Gossip Girl (disclaimer: I like Gossip Girl. There, I said it. If you want you can stop reading the blog.) 

Greycoats’s song “Watchman, What Is Left of the Night” was recently featured on Gossip Girl, once again proving these shows’ music supervisors know what they’re doing. I mean, they should though, so whatever. I think Alexandra Patsavas (she of The O.C. and Grey’s Anatomy) is behind the music for Gossip Girl, so go ahead and give her props for finding a band that released a stellar album, Setting Fire to the Great Unknown, back in September of ’08. I received an mp3 from the band which I’d love to share with all of you who are still reading (you guys ROCK those too-cool-for-schoolers!). 

On to the music, shall we? From the same agency as The Antlers and Halloween Alaska (one of my favorites), comes another band to watch in ’09, Greycoats. Soaring harmonies and layered arrangements are Greycoats’s trademark, which also includes lovely vocals and heart-wrenching lyricism. Please check their “about” section on MySpace…I honestly don’t know what to think “about” that. It does, however, present more intrigue to their already brooding sound. But don’t let that lead you to believe it’s some lo-fi stuff – the sound is incredibly full and dynamic. If you don’t like, please explain why in the comments. If we get no comments I’m going to assume everyone loves the music (since very few of you actually comment, I expect nothing but love – in that intangible way.) By the way, Greycoats have received comparisons to Arcade Fire, Radiohead, and Sigur Ros. I rest my case.

Greycoats – “Goodbye Sweet Youth Goodbye” [MP3]

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  • Quite an interesting yet bizarre “about” section, but definately good to know. I did some further reading on this phenomenon, and apparently “Doctors have found that relatives tend to give up too soon when a family member is thought to have drowned. The doctors explain this giving up as a result of guilt feelings about the apparent drowning. The moral is–don’t give up–especially if the water is cold, as it almost always is in Alaska.”
    Thanks to knoxroad, I won’t.