You Can Be A Wesley

you can be a wesley

Boston’s You Can Be A Wesley is just great. Listening to cuts from their latest, Feed The Moon, Starve The Sun, is like a slice of music butter melting on a warm piece of toast. With like cinnamon and sugar on it. Or maybe jam. Yeah, jam.

Structurally they’re pretty classic. Rhythm guitar, lead guitar, drums, vox and the occasional other instruments (keys,  triangle, etc). If you’re looking for some new groundbreaking sound, you won’t find it in You Can Be A Wesley. But if you’re NOT one of those lame people and just want to hear good music when it pops into existence in the universe, this band is for you.

The sound is very innocent yet solid. Like a baby rock. One that hasn’t been corrupted by power or greed, but that can still deliver exactly what you need. And every now and then it will throw some surprises at you (ouch).

You Can Be A Wesley will release their recently recorded full-length record sometime in the near future (date still TBD). If you want a copy of Feed The Moon, Starve The Sun, you can e-mail the band at: In the meantime check out some songs from it and enjoy.

You Can Be A Wesley – “Rearrange The Sea” [MP3]

You Can Be A Wesley – “Feed The Moon, Starve The Sun” [MP3]

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