The Next Big Thing: Starlume (with exclusive MP3s)


Wow, talk about a band blowing me off my feet. I had never heard of Starlume until I stumbled upon their music on MySpace. I messaged them with a hope that maybe I would get some info regarding the group, since I couldn’t find much of their music anywhere. However, not only did they email me back with a warm response, they provided three unique mp3s – two brand new ones that have yet to be released and will be out on their upcoming Spring EP.

As for the group, Starlume formed when Landon Rose (vocals/keys/guitars) and Corey Eggleston (drums/backing vocals) began a musical journey over six years ago by recording songs that they had written together and playing shows across the country with several friends and musicians. This eventually led to settling in Nashville during the summer of 2007 and a year later, they completed Starlume with the additions of Robert Smith (bass) and Nate Woodall (guitars).

It’s shocking that Starlume is not on radio stations everywhere right now – they combine the perfect blend of accessible pop with some darker overtones that keep them from, as many of us like to say, “selling out”.  The lush arrangements and Rose’s falsetto vocals make for such a full and cinematic sound, so its no surprise that their song, “So Please” (mp3 below) was recently featured on an episode of One Tree Hill – a show that disappoints as television, yet consistently manages to find some of the best music out there. And Starlume is no exception. Listen to the mp3s below (with the group’s brief description for us); you’ll be getting a sneak peek at a band that will surely be making waves all over the country in no time.

Starlume – “Angel of the Sea” [MP3]. Starlume says: “This song is unreleased and will be on the EP we put out this spring. The version you hear is a pre-production track that we’ve recorded, mixed, and produced ourselves in our downtown Nashville rehearsal space this winter.  We’re currently working on a “better” version in a “real” studio: )”

Starlume – “Devils Don’t Sleep” [MP3]. Starlume says: “Same as ‘Angel of the Sea’.”

Starlume – “So Please” [MP3]. Starlume says: “This is from our last release, Get Found EP, and was recently featured on the Feb. 2 episode of One Tree Hill. It’s available on iTunes as well as on our MySpace.”

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