Pompeii and the Ashes

pompeii and the ashes

From Morrisville, PA (just north of Philly), comes Pompeii and the Ashes, ready to BLOW your mind (ZINGER!!). I slay me… The band just released their debut album, Wait It Out, and it’s definitely an interesting listen. They explain their take on music on their MySpace:

“The band was formed as an untraditional take on the traditional rock band. Unlike standard rock music, their sound is often piano-driven and flows through a series of genres that is based primarily on what the lyrical content lends itself to. Thus, their songs range from upbeat pop to folk and indie rock.”

On their album, the band jumps around from what many might consider modern “indie rock” (“Part of You”) to more Dylanesque folk (“Away From Nebraska”) to a more dreamy ballad sound (“Just Like Space”). The changing styles is both a blessing an a curse. On one hand it gives the band a more diverse sound that can appeal to a much larger fan base. Their album, after all, is connected by a common song writing style that connects the tracks.

On the other hand, Wait It Out, does suffer from what sounds like apprehension to stick to one sound. However, the band is still young and they have only released one recording. Given that, Pompeii and the Ashes shows an immense amount of talent and promise. They know how to write songs and play with music. And a sense of play and experimentation is something often hard to come by.

You can grab the album from CD Baby, and check out some sample tracks below.

Pompeii and the Ashes – “Away From Nebraska” [MP3]

Pompeii and the Ashes – “Part of You” [MP3]

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